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Frequently Asked Questions

What about weather issues?

We cannot control the weather.  We are praying and planning for perfect weather conditions, and we anticipate nothing different.  Should there be rain or heavy snow, we will postpone or move the event depending on when this occurs.  Our goal is winning souls to Jesus & reaching our community.  As the event comes closer we will monitor weather & advise church members & the community if we have to make drastic changes!



Will we have to change the name? I’ve seen that name around town.

What you may have seen is the October event, Light the Night STL.  This event is NOT affiliated with SCBC and our event is titled Light UP THE Night – so it’s different!  


Are there flyers we can share with neighbors, friends, businesses?

Yes!  You can access them here on this site by clicking HERE ...or stop by the church office and ask for a handful to pass around.  There will also be smaller, postcard sized, handouts available at the back of the auditorium on Sundays.  


I cannot stand for very long, how can I help?

There are many behind the scenes (and before the event) jobs that need to be completed.  Please email our volunteer coordinator at to get plugged in somewhere.  


I want to donate money, lights, etc.

Awesome!  We would LOVE to celebrate & share Jesus with our community through your generous gift.  You can give by donation in person (mark the comment on your check with LIGHT UP THE NIGHT) or online by clicking Giving Form | SCBC ( and be sure to change the “fund” to Light Up the Night.  


I have a different question…

Email us at

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