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What is language immersion?

Can you tell me what " Language Immersion Program" exactly is? Also, will the program be useful for the ones who are over critical period age to learn a new language say, who are older than 15 ?

How in the world am I supposed to go to a language immersion camp to ask can you help me with my homework when I dont know the language?

I've taken through french 2 at my school, but i definitely do not know the language. I can understand a little bit of french written down, but hardly any spoken french, and I definitely cant speak it. So i'm going to concordia language villages french village this summer and i heard they were really strict about only speaking french. has anybody else whose been to a language immersion camp explain to me how in the world this will work?

Does language immersion work for adults?

I'm 20, so if I lived in France for a few years how much would it help?

What are the cheapest/longest staying language immersion schools?

Do bilingual children really learn to talk later than monolingual children? My child is growing up with a German speaking mother and grandparents and an English speaking father and is still not talking much about 5 words at 19 months old.


What types of stereo types are placed on bilingual children?

Anyone know any good sites about bilingual children?

How they learn homework help answers and proper way to teach them, etc... My children are bilingual Arabic being their first language and English their second . My 5 year old can write the alphabet in both languages and is starting to read in both languages but I still can't get them to talk in English I talk in English and they answer me in Arabic Does anyone have any suggestions of what to do or a good book or website to read?

When should we introduce a 3rd language to our bilingual children? Our sons aged 5 and 3 have a good command of English and Spanish. My husband and I use Spanish at home and English in public and the duality has worked very well for us. My husband's first language is French and we hope to teach it to them as well. Now that our newborn daughter is here we think its time to start using French more often around them. Is it a good idea? Do you have any tips for us?

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